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Our Background

Meet your Herbalist - Cyril Browne aka Indigenous Bushman 

Our love for herbal medicine started in our early childhood when  mom healed us with herbal remedies. This childhood experience inspired us to become herbalists and continue the traditions of our ancestors. At Bushman Herbs & Tings, we offer a broad range of herbal products that are very effective, as well as personalized consultations designed to help our clients address their specific health concerns. Our goal is to inspire people to prioritize their health and wellbeing by incorporating natural remedies into their daily routine. 

You can catch us for holistic Health Education lectures on our social media platforms often.

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 Holistic Herbalism studies at an  herbal institute

Welcome to Bushman Herbs & Tings, where we know the power of nature to heal the body and mind is a reality. My herbal education begun with mom, who instilled in me the oral traditions of herbal knowledge an application, which I have embraced and carry with me on my journey to wellness. Today, as a student of holistic Herbology,  since 2020, I am dedicated to providing the same education, knowledge and application about the benefits of herbs and natural remedies for overall health and wellness.


Ancestral oral traditions of  indigenous Herbalism


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