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Our Organic Calendula herb, also known as Calendula officinalis – L, is a powerful natural remedy for an array of conditions. This herb boasts anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, making it a great choice for soothing irritated skin, including eczema, dermatitis and more. It's also an excellent natural remedy for digestive issues, as it can help to soothe inflammation and ease discomfort. Calendula can be used in teas, tinctures, and topical applications, making it an all-around versatile herb to keep on hand. Give your health the boost it deserves with our Organic Calendula herb.

Organic calendula herb (Calendula officinalis – L)

PriceFrom $13.00
  • Pour 8 oz boiled water over 1 tsp of herb and steep 7-9 minutes, strain and enjoy. It helps wounds heal faster, by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the affected area. Also a must for ulcers, oral health, and relief muscle fatigue. It is antifungal antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory.

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