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Our organic passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) is the perfect herbal remedy for reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, and promoting relaxation. The passion flower is extensively researched and used for its calming effects, making it a go-to herbal medicine for easing the symptoms of stress and nervous tension. Additionally, this powerful plant has been shown to support healthy sleep patterns and promote a sense of overall well-being. Our passion flower is certified organic, ensuring that you receive a high-quality and pure product. With its calming properties, passion flower is a great option for those looking for a natural alternative to traditional anxiety medications.

Organic passion flower (Passiflora incarnata)

PriceFrom $12.00
  • Pour 8 oz boiled water over 1 tbsp of herb and steep 7-9 mins strain and drink to calm anxiety, depression, sleep and stress issues. A great herbal medicine for menopausal symptoms, hysteria, insomnia, and ADHD. it can be applied to the skin for burns and to manage  hemorrhoids.

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